About CTC Mass Notification

CTC is here for one simple reason, to partner with its clients to design, install, and service systems that save lives....everyday!

Turn-key solutions are our specialty. Our team of engineers work with you to provide notification solutions for cities and communities, schools and campuses, facilities and industry, for both the private sector and government entities.

Here is a list of the type of Clients CTC Mass Notification Systems Discretely Services

Federal & State Government Agencies; Such as Military Bases, City Governments, Law Enforcement, Water Departments, Fire Departments, Schools, and the Like

Public Utilities: Dams, Substations, Water Ways, both for Utility personnel and local inhabitant notification & safety

Native American Tribes; Communications and Safety

• CTC Mass Notification Systems are Specifically Tailored Early Warning Systems for any type of Mass Notification requirement; both long & short range.

• CTC Systems are discretely installed for Lahars, Dam Failures, Air Raids, Catastrophic Weather Conditions, and the like.

• CTC Performs Siren Acoustical Testing Certification (SATC) Sound Surveys on both Existing and newly installed Mass Notifications which include:

CTC provides Eight (8) Nist Certified, Class II, Sound Meters; Two (2) Stationary Data Loggers & Six (6) Hand Held, Measuring dBC of CTC Clients installed Siren(s) acoustical performances at pre-determined strategic locations. CTC will capture the Acoustical Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) Characteristics of the Siren(s) Given Locations Terrain, climate, foliage, and other factors. CTC will provide an SIREN ACOUSTICAL TEST CERTIFICATION (SATC) Report Outlining Siren Results from a day of Siren Soundings of both Tone and Digital Voice (DV). Note* The final DSW design at this location assuring proper dB Levels for CTC Clients Personnel & Public Notification and in a Post Test application will certify that the sound pressure level (SPL) was certified to be 10dB above Ambient, which is considered to be the threshold for adequate Warning by FEMA
CTC Mass Notification Systems


(509) 290-6940 Office
(509) 290-6950 Fax
(509) 630-6266 Emergency Number

*CTC Mass Notifications Systems is an Authorized Distributor ~ For Your Turn-Key Design/Build Solutions.
*CTC Electrical Contracting, Inc. is an Authorized Installer, Maintenance & Service Provider, in Tandum with being a Facility Trainer.
**Site Sound Audits Available Upon Request.